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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 3, 2010 1:00am-1:59am EDT

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>> sean: ted nugent, god's speed. that is all the time we have left, thank you for being with us, have a great weekend we will see you back here monday. see you then. >> the president: stopping illegal immigration must go hand-in-hand with performing our system of legal immigration. now under the pressures of partisanship and election year politics, many of the 11 republican senators who voted for reform in the past have now back weighed from the previous support. >> this shows the president is not serious about comprehensive immigration reform. he's serious about politics and the preservation of his political hide. he wants latino votes for himself two years from now he could careless about the
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policies. >> i'm shannon breen in for greta this is on the record. thursday the president urged congress to overhaul the system in his first speech on the issue since taking office. greta sat down with newt gingrich to get his take on the president's plan. >> greta: nice to see you. the president had a speech yesterday on immigration. what did you think of it? >> first of all he should have had a speech on jobs. because the economy is the number one concern of the country. he keeps finding everything else he can to talk about to avoid having to confront how bad the economy is. second, the only thing he had to say about immigration is he's going to control the border. he didn't say it. the morning the american people believe that the united states government is going to the border, they will be prepared to talk about immigration reform. until then they are going to resent a commander in chief who doesn't protect the country and keeps trying to
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pursue what i think is a political agenda. entirely political speech. >> greta: maybe i'm too steeped on the topic because we've been doing so many trips to arizona and mexico. i think both topics, jobs and illegal immigration are so important. i think the president is a little late in giving a speech on illegal immigration. he didn't layout a path but the timing was late. >> look, this president gives lots of speeches. he gave another speech. what did it accomplish? does he have legislation? does he have any chance of passing anything? does he have any chance of getting anything done? in is like watching him in the gulf of mexico where he's given a number of speeches about oil. and the oil keeps coming out of the well. he's given a number of speeches about louisiana. and the federal government fails to protect louisiana. the fact that he gives a speech just tells you that the obama administration rofs --
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loves speech making there's no real meaning. >> greta: he hasn't had any due when it comes to illegal immigration reform. he said he was in the senate he was part of an effort to do some sort of comprehensive illegal immigration reform this was the first time other than meeting with governor brewer in june, i think÷gw>?hths is the first real thing he's doing. >> but -- >> greta: i'm not sure if the -- he didn't lay anything out. >> that's my point. he wanted to send a signal to latino groups that he cares.784z that he feels their pain. and that's what he did as president, he's not a candidate now he's the president. as the the president he an opportunity to say here are the principles, therefore, here's the legislation we need. i'm glad to announce i've recruited the following member of the house and senate to introduce it.
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house they prove this every time it matters. if it is health care they've rammed it through. if it is financial services they rammed it through. 787 billion dollar stimulus they rammed it through. now you get to immigration reform serious national to the border and a solution to having some kind of guest worker program that is real. do we get anything that's real? no. we get a political public relations stunt that has no underlying meaning, except to set up the signal for this fall's campaign. i think it is sad. this is going to become an administration that is measured by how many areas in which it had public relations stints but no real achievement. >> greta: did he create any bipartisanship? did he pick anyone on the other side or did he dig that divide deeper today or is it totally irrelevant? >> first, he made it deeper he
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singled out republicans to attack them. you are in a situation where an paerpbtly harry reid is senate majority leader and apparently speaker pelosi in charge of the house and he decided to attack 11 republican senators. it is a pattern that makes no sense. it is purely political. i think that it weakens the presidency. we are in real trouble as a country on a number of fronts on our border we are in real trouble in the economy with jobs. we are in real trouble in the gulf of mexico with a real problem, real environmental disaster. we have enormous challenges in iraq, iran, afghanistan, north korea. and we need a president who takes seriously, trying if get things done -- trying to get things done. this speech was in fact, deliberately publicity oriented speech that he knows has no-no mention meaning.
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he could have announced a program to control the border he could have made it stick and turned to the country and said now that i have proven you can trust me on immigration, let's talk about how we solve the challenges, how we create a guest worker program and soing for. instead, all we was one more -- and so forth. instead, all we was one more speech. >> greta: what would you expect if he took the issue seriously? >> i think he'll take it politically he won't take it seriously. his next step will be a comprehensive plan and attack the republicans nor not passing it. i think that will be his next step. >> greta: yesterday he said the republicans, there were a couple shots at the republicans standing in the way of this. >> right this is somebody who gets up everyday wondering who he should blame. the president should figure out how he could accomplish something. who he can bring in the room to get things done.
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people on left, the attorney general, the president, vice president biden are in a position where they dislike the arizona law. the fact is, over 60% of the american people like the arizona law. >> greta: the president did not say yesterday the law was unconstitutional. he did not state justice department was going to sue. i think he said it was ill-conceived. i think he has read the statute. >> the position they started out with was very anti-the arizona law. >> greta: they were guns blazing. >> they said -- as you know you interviewed the governor they said things that were dishonest that weren't in the bill. >> greta: i read the bill. that was startling at beginning, nobody read the bill. april 30th, they came out strongly that they want the federal government to go like gangbusters after the statute. now it seems people have taken
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a look at the bill. >> not rational -- >> greta: the -- [ talking over each other ] the statute may have other problems but racial profiling it does not call for that >> the aclu two days ago coming out and saying they were issuing warnings about going to arizona because there's massive racial profiling. not a word of truth. the bill makes it illegal to use racial prefiling. >> greta: it could be applied in such a way as to create racial profiling which is true of every single statute on the books. whether or not it calls for racial profiling look at the words in the statute and the words don't do that >> my other point is, faced with the reality of arizona the president -- it would have been great to have heard a speech that said the federal government should take responsibility. that means the following steps,
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one, two, three, four. a number he could have done without legislation, some would have required legislation. >> greta: do you think he was trying to be crafty and navigate dangerous waters because we are coming up on midterms? or do you think he doesn't get the american people are looking for specifics or something else? >> i think the entire purpose of that speech was to communicate to hispanic leaders that the president cares about their biggest single issue. i think it had no other purpose. i think the speech will disappear and be used by democratic politicians around the country to say we care. >> greta: what might support that view the president earlier this week met with activists and hispanic caucus. he has not gone down to arizona. while he did send mr. brennan down, he did not dispatch his director of homeland security
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who was the governor of arizona and knows the problem better than anyone else. i think he could have sent a better message by meeting with more people, doing a town hall with other people as well. >> i don't care if he goes to arizona. what if he had gone to the border in san diego, texas? you look at the scale of the civil war in mexico it is frightening. you look at the number of killings along the border, frightening. >> greta: the president said yesterday crime is down at the border. if you look at some statistics the crime is down. if you look at some statistics the crime is not. >> the crime is down where they've increased dramatically patrolling the border. the that's something senator kyl has pointed out. every place they pay attention you have a dramatic drop in the illegal immigration and you have a less dangerous spot. >> greta: mr. speaker, thank you. nice to see you. >> coming up, top notch political panel takes on the great american immigration
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debate. >> later michael steele has done it again. he caught on tape making controversial comments about the war in afghanistan. this time, some republicans are demanding he step down. we believe you're at your best when you can truly be yourself.
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a band of hit men with tie to the juarez drug cartel eclipse he ordered the attack because enriquez helped get cast for members of a rival gang. we want to know what you think about the situation along the border. we asked registered voters what should happen first with immigration? 59% said we should secure the borders first. 30% said, new legislation should be the priority. i'm joined by republican political analyst noelle nikpour and clarissa martinez the director of immigration. noelle what did you make of the president's s s not enough for you? >> no. to me it is the same old tired rhetoric over and over again. one of the things that i noticed he did not address was the fact that his administration is planning on
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pressing a lawsuit against arizona. he mentioned nothing about that another thing he took credit for, which i thought was odd, the fact that he said that they already taken so many measures to secure the borders. the virtual fence that didn't work out so well for him. the fact that a rancher was murdered on his own property. the fact that the drug cartel the drugs are going over the border. they can't use same of the state parks around the border because of gang violence and border violence that are going on. all he's doing is basically saying the republicans we are standing in the way of progress and we need to get this immigration bill reform passed immediately. and the republicans just aren't willing to pull their share. which was once again like health care the blame game. >> clarissa, obviously this is a very delicate, heated topic. the president acknowledged the
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frustration that has come out of arizona given rise to this law. your position is the state should let the feds do this job. how can they force them or push them without passing these laws? >> i think in arizona we have two senators who have voted to fix this problem before. if brewer could work with those two senators so they can come to the table, senator mccain and senator kyl, i think we would be very close to solving this issue. that's part of it. the issue of immigration can only be solved at the hands of both parties that's the way it has been in the past. right now the reality is, we need them to come to the table. i wish the president had said a little more. the reality is, we have a solution. we need some republicans and we can fix it. >> what is the solution? >> the solution is an immigration reform that is going to fix the legal system so people come with a visa not with a smuggler.
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we are going to put smart border measures in place. make sure that employers are not exploiting people here i illegally and gaining good employees and american workers. we've been putting billions on the board and that hasn't solved the problem. -- at the border and that hasn't solved the problem. we need to do all these things at the same time. >> the president did outline some of those things, can that work? >> the republicans, we are against illegal immigration, not legal immigration. we are for people coming to this country legally and trying to obtain citizenship. we have a problem with illegal immigration. the things that they have tried in the past have not worked. what we need to do is fix this problem, first. illegal immigration killing us and killing our border states. >> no easy solutions. we'll have both of you talking
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about this more after the break. next, the woman at the center of immigration reform and the firestorm that has come from that governor brewer talks to greta in a candidate one-on-one. and will elena kagan's stance on don't ask don't tell keep her from becoming the next supreme court justice? do you remember when taking a bath and going for a swim became the same thing for few days? then keep the tradition going at bass pro shops family summer camp with free activities and crafts.
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you might have noticed hail of this in the back of our last segment. this is live in washington it is 4th of july weekend. these are fireworks from the national baseball game. we wanted to give you a sneak peek to start off your 4th of july weekend. >> this is a fox news alert. defense secretary gates has issued a memo to civilian and military brass tightening up interaction with the media: >> pentagon says the recent resignation of mcchrystal has nothing to do with this memo. telling fox news this memo is not tied to the rolling stone interview of last week and not
1:22 am
an attempt to muzzle the department or the press. more details as soon as we get them. big brother is watching. that is the message from arizona to its own police force. >> we are going to be accused of racial profiling no matter what we do on this. even if you are on firm ground there are people out there who are going to believe this is not racially motivated. the reason they have those thoughts are because historically across the nation we've had a few bad apples. >> after months of accusations that the new law will encourage profiling cops are watching a video detailing what to expect when the law takes effect. critics say it is a tool teaching racial profiling rather than detering it. last night greta spoke with governor brewer. >> greta: you want to know what arizona governor brewer
1:23 am
thinks about the president's speech today? we all do. we will. governor brewer joins us live from phoenix, good evening. what do you think of the president's speech today? >> well, after i had caught my breath, i was -- i felt like it was a -- a good job describing the fact that the federal government hasn't done their job. he made statements that inflamed an issue that he realizes as his responsibility. and i was disappointed. >> greta: i take it you don't need to be told what the problem is. when you say he laid out the problem that wasn't what were looking for. >> no, i was looking for action, you know we continue to tell him what we are facing down here and remind him that he has a responsibility. i believe the people of arizona and the people of america are fed up with the federal government. the bottom line is, they need to secure our borders.
1:24 am
and in regards to senate bill 1070, it has united arizona, it has united america. >> greta: you mentioned sb-1070, he made those remarks but he did not say that he thought it was unconstitutional. he did not say it call for racial profiling. he did not say he was asking the justice department to file suit against you. i thought that was interesting. catch that and did it have any relevance to you? >> i did. and of course a get with all of the above that in fact it is not unconstitutional. if in fact the federal government determines that they are going to sue us, we'll meet 'em in court. >> greta: do you think that if s -- sb-1070 had not been passed that the president would have been giving a
1:25 am
speech about immigration reform and at least begin talking about it? >> no, i don't. i believe that senate bill 1070 lit america on fire. i think we've all realized what the situation is and the people of arizona have lived with these porous borders and illegal immigration into our state. and people throughout america realizes that everybody understands the problem except the president of the united states. the fact of the matter is, we need our borders secured. certainly, we realize there's going to have to be some kind of immigration reform, but i don't believe any of that is going to move forward until our border is secured. >> greta: why do you say the president doesn't understand it and everybody else does? how do you get him to understand it? >> i don't believe he wants to understand it. he misrepresents what the bill does. he knows the bill mirrors the
1:26 am
federal law. it is very, very simple. why he doesn't want to understand it is beyond me. he wants, i believe amnesty for everyone. i think he wants an open border. someone needs to talk to him in regards to why he portrays it the way he does. it is very unfortunate. we are a nation of laws, we are a nation of law, every law not just some laws that we want to enforce. we need obey all the laws. he tens to believe that he has federal -- he tends to believe that he has federal laws that he doesn't have to enforce when it is his responsibility as president. if the president won't enforce those laws arizona will. >> greta: what has been the reaction, maybe too soon, has there been reaction from journalists, opinion leaders citizens to the president's
1:27 am
speech? what has been the reaction in arizona? >> i haven't had a lot of opportunity. i was up north this everyone in -- this afternoon speaking to a group of people in sedona. people feel it is a lot of rhetoric, a lot of talk about hope and when they want action. they find it very interesting and infortunate we have a crisis here in arizona and he doesn't even come to arizona to look and see with his own eyes. i mean, that's unbelievable to the people of arizona. if there was a crisis going on -- maybe -- like at the gulf, at least he went down there. he has not even come to arizona to see. it is like total disrespect for arizona and the people. >> greta: is he cherry-picking a couple issues or supporters in an effort to be less than candid about the seriousness of the problem or am i
1:28 am
overstating it? >> no, i don't think you are overstating. i think he's picking a couple of people that might disagree with the issue and how we are looking at it. the bottom line is he is absolutely wrong, greta. it is his responsibility. our law mirrors federal law. if arizona's law is wrong and is what he says that it is, well then the federal law is wrong too. enforce the laws. we are a nation of laws. we have to abide by those laws. >> greta: governor, thank you. as you know we will be following this story, thank you. >> thank you greta. noelle and clarissa join us again. amnesty is something the president brought up. he said the majority of americans are skeptical of blanket amnesty. then he laid out a four-point plan having people register, pay fines, learn english.
1:29 am
is that in your opinion, amnesty or not? >> it not. i think among other things that i wish he had done there was one thing that i think he did well. we are not going to do amnesty. we are also not going to massively deport 12 million people out of country that's a fantasy. there's requiring people here illegally to come forward, pay a fine, admit they committed a crime. pay taxes. i think what americans have been dying for here is to see that everybody plays by the rules. we need a system that is going to allow people to do that >> noelle the president and clarissa talked about deporting 11 million people probably logisticly impossible and extremely costly. you heard the four point plan, clarissa says it is not amnesty, is it in your opinion? >> it amnesty, rewarding illegals for breaking the law, bad behavior.
1:30 am
there is -- there's got to be another way to do this, other than what he's calling this type of reform which is basically, if you look, it is amnesty. i don't see another way around it. he's saying he doesn't want to break up families. there are a lot of people over here that are not -- that don't need to be here that are not, you know families or whatnot. it is just a bad approach and a bad way to -- that he's going about it. >> clarissa the president and you mentioned this, talked about the fact that this needs to be a bipartisan effort. he talked about he cannot get this done without republican votes. senator graham was trying to negotiate immigration reform he balked away from that effort -- he walked away from that effort over differences. >> here's the interesting thing. the last time the senate passed an immigration bill i will was passed with
1:31 am
republican support under president bush. one thing i can say my organization has been constant about this, we worked on with it president bush, we are willing to work on it with president obama. we want to see those republicans who voted for resolution council now. what i'm puzzled by is the proposal on the table now is pretty much out of the proposal that republicans supported before. so i'm wondering is the only way they don't want to fix this problem because it is a democratic president? that would be bad news for the american voters. >> right both sides have been accused of playing politics. noelle, do you see a bipartisan deal coming together, yes or no? >> i think we can work together. i think that's one of the things we want to do. once again, obama or the democratic administration is painting the republican party as not wanting to work together standing in the way of progress, which is not true. >> noelle and clarissa we'll ard
1:32 am
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>> this is a fox news alert. it is so not hot, a court in south africa has dropped drug possessions against reality tv star practice ris hilton. "the simple life" star was
1:35 am
arrested on allegations of smoking marijuana outside the world cup for the final. but paris says it was a misunderstanding and claims the fault lies with another person in her group who was charged, but released after paying a fine. the doping case has been dropped and paris tweets, quote, everything is fine. i had nothing to do with it. now that -- that's hot. now for the ring heard around the world. >> this was the war... this is not -- this is not something the united states had actively prosecuted or wanted to engage in. deform well, if he's such a student of history, has he not understood that you know that's the one thing you don't do is engage in a land war in afghanistan? >> that was republican national party republican chairman michael steele making controversial comments about
1:36 am
president obama and the war in afghanistan. as that video started to go viral, the chairman released a not so apologetic statement saying that there is no question that america must win the war on terror. that's why i decided to increase our troop force and like the entire united states senate, i supported general petraeus's confirmation. the stakes are too high. the rnc spokesman has said, the responsibility for building and maintaining war strategy falls squarely on the shoulders of the president. like so many americans, chairman steele wants to hear an explanation from president obama on his strategy for wing the war on afghanistan. >> joining me washington examiner chief political correspondent byron york and julian epstein. thank you both for coming in today.
1:37 am
byron, how do you interpret them? >> i think they were just dumb. no way around it. they were wrong on two levels. he was suggesting that he thinks the war in afghanistan is unwinnable. and now he says that's not the case. the other thing he had the history totally wrong. as if president obama had invaded afghanistan, when in fact the united states invaded afghanistan in 2001, after the september 11 taxes under the leadership of george w. bush. he just had everything wrong about it. >> can he recover? does apologize, resign? >> i think he's becoming a bit of a cartoon. i think democrats would to -- would like to see him, but i think smart republicans will boot him. byron is right he said this was a war of obama's choosing doomed to fail. this was obviously a war of president bush's choosing supported widely by democrats
1:38 am
and republicans considered a war of necessity in the 2001 attack. it is demoralizing to the troops to say this is doomed for failure. the position he's advocating of cut-and-run, immediate cut-and-run is a position held almost by nobody. for him to come out after and say i didn't mean that he becomes a cartoon at this point. he's also wrong he said for the last 1,000 years nobody has won in afghanistan. that's factually incorrect, beginning gus can, the -- he is wrong on beginning gas can who knew he would come up. this is not first time steele has found himself in hot water. is he a liable for the gop at this point? >> he has really stepped in it now. his future lies with the members of the republican national committee. the rnc has members of 160, and they decide his future.
1:39 am
the last time he was in trouble was in january. i talked to several members of the rnc. they had made their peace with steele. they said if he fails, we fail we are going to stay with him. these are people who didn't support him when he was chosen. question now, will any of those peel off? we've already had -- we saw what bill crystal said. perhaps more importantly, a man named caton is on the man that steele defeated for chairmanship has come out and said he needs to go. if you have some people who supported him come out and say has to go, he's in real trouble. >> julian you said some departments -- some dems like him where he is. which is the worst decision to replace him as head of the gop or keep him there? >> i think you have to replace him. somebody like ed rollins would
1:40 am
be perfect for the job right now. republicans have real opportunities in midterm elections. any time you have 10% unemployment, the incumbent party is in trouble. the keep putting their feet in their collective mouth. you have the bpization which i think the republicans had real openings on given how long it took the administration to spoken. then you have the ranking member coming out and apologizing to the bp and minority leader having to chastise him apologizing for his apology. mcchrystal episode was somewhat troubling for the president, although i think the president handled it well. in the immediate aftermath you have somebody like the head of the republican party coming out and making this kind of ludicrous statement. republicans have tunes given the state of the economy every time they have an opening they seem to be like you know dr. evil's guards. like the bad news bears they keep making these silly mistakes.
1:41 am
>> that's our music, thank you both for stopping in. >> coming up on the record what is next for supreme court nominee elena kagan? she faced tough questioning during her hearings this week. hear from one senator who thinks she might not have been completely honest. ♪ [ bank associate ] welcome to the greater offshore bank and trust. [ bank associate ] right now, we're offering you $500 just to open an account.
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty, a suspect accused of killing two tampa police officers is behind bars. police say danty morris turned himself in on friday night. he is accused of shooting two officers to death during a routine traffic stop early tuesday. more than 15 law enforcement agencies were involved in the manhunt and the case was due to be featured on "america's most wanted." funerals for the officers are
1:45 am
scheduled for saturday. no verdict as the jury ends the first day of deliberations in the trial of a former transit officer. the man lay face-down on a train platform in 2009. the officer grabbed his gun instead of his taser by accident. i'm marianne rafferty, now back to "on the record." >> dante morris has reportedly turned himself in for the murder of two tampa officers this week. you may remember these police officers were gunned down. police are going to have a press conference tonight. we'll learn more at that point tomorrow. the funerals for the two officers are scheduled. as the hearing for supreme court nominee kagan drew to a close, some voiced concerns. i sat down with jeff sessions
1:46 am
to find out why he's disappointed in the president's pick. thank you for your time. i want to ask you about the number one issue that elena kagan had to know she was going to face in issue of when she was dean at harvard law military recruiters were blocked from using the office of career services. she said they only had access to the campus. but they didn't have access to that office. what kind of different does that make? >> very significant different. the military's documents show they couldn't use bulletin boards. they couldn't get assistance from the university. it hampered them clearly. she seized upon the pretext of a district ruling as an excuse to deny them full access. her testimony seemed to glide over that there were a number of inaccuracies in specifics.
1:47 am
mostly tried to create an impression that nothing really happened. >> i recall after that testimony you said you were more concerned about the nomination than you had been before you questioned her. do you still kneel way? >> yes, this was white house spin. the white house had been pinning this as if nothing happened at harvard. i thought in short order she would admit the true facts and we would know what happened and probably could have put rest. she went right along, as i saw it, with the spin which was an incorrect picture of what occurred. that bothered me. >> i know you have concerns about her judicial philosophy. do you still have concerns there? >> yes. i thought her testimony attempted to be bland. of course that's the way they try to teach people to testify. but i think need to do better. i think a nominee shouldn't be ashamed or afraid to express how they really will evaluate cases. her record indicates that her
1:48 am
heroes are the most activist judges we've had on the bench in the country. so it does raise questions that and her whole political background of liberal activism if a host of areas. >> what kind of justice, if confirmed, do you think she will be? >> i think she will be a justice who has good people skills. she will be someone who is accessible to the -- probably get out and speak and do those kinds of things. but i have to tell you, my michelle thought that she -- my initial thought that they hasn't had the experience to develop the rigorous legal mind that i think is a requirement of the u.s. supreme court. >> i have to say watching she has a great sense of humor. hopefully we'll see this on the bench if confirmed. >> coming up on the other side, the other side aisle what are democrats saying about how we didn't see it coming.
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on july 13th, the as a matter of fact judiciary committee is expected to vote on nominee kagan.
1:53 am
many think she got through the controversy with flying colors. i spoke with delaware senator kaufman who questioned kagan and knew her for a long time before she became a nominee. senator thank you for your time. had you a busy week. primarily with the confirmation hearings. first, how important do you think hearings are? >> it is really important. sometimes may seem like we are just going through the motions, depends on who the president picks to be the supreme court justice. i think it is a good test of people, where they stand what they are about. how they stand up to toughness. how committed they are to what they believe in >> she has had to answer this issue of military recruiting when she was the dean at harvard law. >> people want to approach she wind the dean, she was the czar of harvard law.
1:54 am
harvard law school is as somebody said, it is not a place where there's a lot of people getting ready to come together and sing kumbaya and march into the sunset. she brought conservative law professors to the school. she had precedent, where was harvard law before she there. she had established what her options were. i think she has done a good job. >> how do you think she has done as solicitor general? some have questioned her judgment about certain cases she agreed to take or not. >> yeah, it is hard to find it, i know her she is very smart, she's down the middle. she is a lawyer's lawyer. she will make the argument for her client. solicitor general of the united states, you don't sit there and make the decision on what cases you handle or not all by yourself. a lot has to do with what the administration's policy is. you are a member of the administration.
1:55 am
she does call 'em as she sees 'em. she is not something that has a strong ideological base to what she does. she's been pretty much down the middle kind of person. >> she answered a lot about the fact she worked in politics, do you think she has done a good enough job from distinguishing her work there. >> they are saying they may not agree with decisions she made and cases. supreme court is the place where we make the big decisions about the country we should have people that have various working experience. that's what i liked about her. she has been in all three branches. i thought4lát fact that -- >> as we told you the senate committee is set to vote july 13th, from there to the full senate that is made up of 12 democrats and several republicans she is expected to
1:56 am
get through with no trouble. she could even pick up a gop vote or two. then the full senate today we several senators telling us they are a no, senator hatch and the top republican mcconnell said he's not going to vote yes. we'll keep you updated. thanks for being with us. greta is back next week. make sure you follow us on twitter. sign up to get tweets every time go to $gretawire. until then keep it right here. the o'reilly factor is next. have a great night. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. fifteen percent or more on car insurance? does a former drill sergeant make a terrible therapist? patient: and that's why yellow makes me sad. i think. sarge: that's interesting. you know what makes me sad? you do! maybe we should chug on over to mambie pambie land
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